Recital 2017

Mark Your Calendars!!  This year the Recital will be held on Sunday, June 18th.

There will be two shows.  The first show is for children approximately 3 to 8 years of age at 12:30pm and the second for the older children and adults at 3:30pm.  Make sure you find out from Ms. Michele or your teachers, what show your child is in to avoid confusion!  Participation is by no means mandatory, but everyone is invited to attend!  We feel that as dancers, performance is an integral part of the artistic experience and our shows are enjoyed by the children and parents alike.

Recital Fees (include a costume, 4 complimentary tickets and rehearsal fees)

  • Costume sizes: CXS-CL $170.00
  • Costume sizes: CXL-AL $175.00
  • Costume sizes: AXL – $180.00

Fees must be paid in full upon reservation.  You can chose a two payment plan and pay half now but the balance is due no later than May 1st.  Children in more than one class and/or siblings are not required to pay a double recital fee but only additional costume fees as follows: (Children in more than one class may opt to participate in one or both groups.  Extra tickets do not come with extra costume fees).

  • Costume sizes: CXS-CL $55.00
  • Costume sizes: CXL-AS $60.00
  • Costume sizes: AXL – $65.00

Costume pick-up will be Sunday, June 4th at the studio (a pick up schedule will be forthcoming).  At that time, a professional photographer will be available and the comp. tickets will be distributed.  Extra tickets will be available for purchase as  needed as well as any other accessories (tights, shoes, etc.)

The shows this year will be held at Saunders High School in Yonkers – directly off the Palmer Rd. exit on the Saw Mill Pkwy – ten minutes from Riverdale.  Mark your calendars! Rehearsals at the school  for the younger age group will be after school on Wednesday, June 14th and Saturday, June 17th.    For the older age group the rehearsals will be Thursday, June 15th and Saturday, June 17th.  Another notice with specific times and details of the rehearsals will be sent to those participating in the recital at a later date. All performers (with the exception of Sabbath observers) must attend both rehearsals.  Children must rehearse on stage in order to perform.  No exceptions will be made.

I am asking that everyone please respond whether or not you are participating so I have an idea of how many children are involved.  Also, delivery of costumes can take up to 10 to 12 weeks.  Late responders will be charged an extra $10 shipping and handling fee and will run the risk of the costume being unavailable and even further special shipping charges.  All responses must be in no later than March 20th.  Please be aware also that the costume company does not allow for cancellations.  Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.

Lastly, if your child chooses to be in the recital, it is imperative that your child attend class every week. The last day of classes will still be Saturday, June 10th.  I look forward to your responses and support and appreciate your business year after year.


  1. Hello! I am just checking in to let you know that the videos took a little bit longer than anticipated, however, they are at the Studio and you can purchase them through her! Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in the videos. Hope you have a great rest of your summer and hope to see you in the fall!

    1. Hey! No the kids do not, only on Saturday unless you’re not coming on Saturday for Sabbath observers, in which case yes you do bring your costumes today. If your child is in Fundamentals of Dance or Pre-Ballet then you do not wear their costume until the day of the show. Hope this helps! See you tonight!

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