Class Descriptions

A classical class which includes barre, center floor and across the floor exercises, emphasis on technique and grace.

Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet
Explorations of movement through space, rhythms and songs. Enhances coordination and imagination. An introduction to basic ballet.

Fundamentals of Dance
Basic tap, jazz, ballet and tumbling movements.

Hip-hop is an expression of individuality that sends you in a direction without boundaries. It allows you to experiment with music and movement adding your own style with a twist of urban.

Low Impact Aerobics
Aerobics routines given to improve cardiovascular fitness. Work with light weights and Toning exercises are included in the class. This is a total fitness program.

A system of detailed exercises that utilize mind and body to strengthen “core muscles.” This results in stronger, longer and more balanced muscles throughout the body. This course is taught by a certified instructor in Pilates.

Stretch & Tone
All exercise is done to music. This class is designed to work all muscle groups. Resistance work with dynabands and weights included.

A rhythmic dance form that improves coordination. Technique, traditional step and routines are given.

Tumbling & Gymnastics
Includes floor exercise, balance beam, parallel bars and mini trampoline.

Learn and practice the basic elements of yoga. Breathing, stretching and strengthening. Emphasis on stress relief and enjoyment.



  1. Hello Sheryll! Thank you for inquiring about our Pilates class. The Pilates class is in fact mat only, we do not have the Pilates reformer equipment on hand at the studio. Our Pilates teach is very good and has a following as well. If you have any other questions please feel free to call (718) 549-9635 or email If you are close by, you could also stop by the studio in the afternoon or on a Saturday and see the studio at the same time. Hope this helps! Best wishes.

    1. We have the schedule of classes and fees here on the website. We don’t offer “salsa fitness” in particular, however we do offer fitness classes for adults. Francesca Nieves, one of our teachers, also offers private salsa lessons if you’re interested.

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