Costume Pick Up

Mark Your Calendar!  Costume Pick up is June 4!  Below is the costume pick up schedule, it is best if you and your child can come to pick up your costume so they can try it on, if any adjustments need to be made they have to get sent back to the company for a different size, so the sooner we get them back the better.  Also, costume pick up day means that it is also picture day!  The photographer will have information about pricing and so on the day of, we do not except payment for the photographer, that is separate and given to him at the time the pictures are taken.  If you decide to take the picture, please bring whatever dance shoes you wish to have the photos taken in.  You will also be able to purchase tights, shoes, extra tickets as well as our yearly T-Shirts!  Each costume requires a certain type of tights and/or color tights so please be sure to see the tights chart that will be at the studio, find your class, and see what tights your child needs.  For more info on the recital click here.

11:00am Tuesday 3:30pm Tumbling; Thursday 4:15pm Fundamentals; Saturday 12:15pm Ballet
11:15am Tuesday 4:15pm Tumbling
11:45am Saturday 10:15am Fundamentals
12:15pm Wednesday 4:15pm Hip Hop; Wednesday 4:15pm Tap and Jazz
12:30pm Thursday 4:15pm Ballet
12:45pm Saturday 10:00am Ballet
1:00pm Friday 5:15pm Hip Hop
1:15pm Monday 4:00pm Pre-Ballet
1:30pm Saturday 11:00am Ballet
1:45pm Saturday 9:30am Fundamentals
2:00pm Tuesday 6:45pm Modern Dance
2:15pm Wednesday 5:15pm Tap and Jazz
2:30pm Wednesday 5:15pm Hip Hop
2:45pm Thursday 6:00pm Tap and Jazz
3:00pm Thursday 5:15pm Ballet
3:15pm Friday 4:15pm Hip Hop
3:30pm Saturday 12:45pm Tap and Jazz
3:45pm Saturday 11:30am Tap and Jazz
4:00pm Saturday 1:15pm Ballet
4:15pm Friday 5:15pm Tap and Jazz; Tuesday 5:15pm Modern; Monday 5:00pm Ballet

Summer Schedule is Here!

Looking to continue dance classes over the summer?  Here’s your chance to sign up!  All the information is on our website.  You can check out our Summer Schedule by clicking here and if you have questions about pricing click here.  We sent a letter home if you missed it or misplaced it, here’s a downloadable PDF copy for your convenience: Summer Schedule 2017

Check back here on a regular basis as information about the recital will be posted here as well as letters being sent home as the date draws near.  Stay tuned!  If you have any further questions about summer programs, classes for your kids or adult classes, please contact the studio at (718)-549-9635 or email Michele Compa at

Recital Fees Due!

Hello Parents!  Just a friendly reminder, recital fees are due !!  That means payment and measurements, we will be placing orders this week so please if you haven’t already, contact the studio to make your payment!  Thank you and we are looking forward to putting on another great show this year!

New Year! New Schedule!

The Spring semester is well underway!  Please take note of some of the changes made to the schedule.  Here is a downloadable PDF for your convenience (2017-spring-schedule).  With the recital approaching please keep checking back on Facebook and the website for updates on rehearsals, schedules and all the who, what, when, where and how’s surrounding the recital.  If you haven’t already, you can follow us on Facebook or on here and you will be notified every time something new is posted!  

Please note that there IS class this Saturday, the 18th.  The studio will be closed Sunday, Feb. 19th-Saturday, Feb. 25th classes will resume on Monday, Feb. 27.  Hope you have a happy, healthy and safe holiday!